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       RUSA Invitation
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Hosted by AMUCT 30.11.13 to 2.12.2013

RUSA Invitation
Ranchi NEC Meeting Notice to be held on 16th
September 2012

AIFUCTO Conference 2012 and Golden Jubilee
Chief Minister & Education Minister Assure
FUCTAK Demands Before Education Minister.
FUCTAK Memorandum to CM on Pension
Dialogue with Ministers on Quality Education.
DA hike by 7% for college Teachers from
July 2012.
KSHEC proposed UG-PG Revaluations.
UGC-Short term orientation Courses 2012-13.
MHRD Letter on UGC Arrears.
Letter to Life Members.
New Invitation Letter & Registration Form.
Secretary report of Annual General body meeting.
Golden Jubilee Celebration
Submissions made by the AIFUCTO and Parliamentary Standing Committee
Gazette Notification of UGC Regulations-2010 :: The Gazette of India, No-38, dated September 18,2010, Part-111 Section 4
Communication from General Secretary (July, 2011)
Decisions of NEC Meeting on 27th March, 2011
General Secretary Prof. Asok Barman thanks V.C.Prof. Dr.K.B.Patil
General Secretary's Report (2010 - 2011)
Movment Resolution
Release of AIFUCTO National Academic meet Poster
Extension of the date for Refreshment Oriention Cource
Letter To SMT Puri Das
Letter to UGC Regarding Regulations
Memorendum to Sri Kapilsibal
Letter To Political Parties
Important Link.
Important Letter & News

Deputation Modifications List 14th nov 2013

Redeployement Modification list : Bangalore Mysore Mangalore

Redeployment of Teachers With held in Autonomous Colleges

Revision of Pension Order

Extension of the date for Refresher / Orientation course

Teacher Movement October 2012

Reimbursement of Arrears - Letter from MHRD

Circular - August, 2012

Teachers' Movement-July, 2012

MHRD Press Release

Communication from General Secretary 17/07/2012

Teachers' Movement June 2012

Circular - June, 2012

Teachers' Movement May 2012

Notice for NEC Meeting Patna (05/06/2012)

Teachers' Movement April 2012

Circular - April, 2012

Circular - February, 2012

Circular - November, 2011

Teachers' Movement December 2011

Teachers' Movement Editorial - Nov'11

AIFUCTO Election By-Laws adopted by NEC meeting

Circular - September, 2011

Teachers' Movement September 2011


Circular - October, 2010

Circular - September, 2010

Letter to the UGC Chairman for RO/OC

Memorendum To Sri Kapil Sibal

Circular February-2011

Circular April-2011

Circular May-2011

Circular June-2011

Circular July-2011

Circular October-2011

Circular December-2011

Letter To Sri Sunil Kumar Regarding  MHRD Clarification

Letter To Chairman UGC regarding PH.D Regulation,2009

MHRD Clarification

UGC Regulations

To affiliates and NEC members
General Secretery Desk
Urgent Communication from GS 25/07/12
Congratulations to our members on the great achievement once again. The united and determined movement launched by the AIFUCTO for the payments of arrears by the Govt. of India without insisting on the enhancement of the retirement age to 65 years has now been approved by the Union Cabinet. Our rallies, protracted follow up and the Court Arrest Programmes have made it possible.

We thank Hon’ble President Sri Pranab Mukherjee & Hon’ble Minister, HRD Sri Kapil Sibal for their support. We record our thanks to the Members of Parliament who have lent valuable support.

In view of the development, the Secretariat, after considering the General Secretary’s consultations with office bearers and NEC members throughout the country, decided not to organize the HUNGER STRIKE in Delhi on 28, 29 and 30th August, as decided earlier by the Patna NEC meeting. We understand that the decisions regarding matters relating to different issues including anomalies, RC/OC, Ph.D Regulations and CAS points system may soon be notified by the UGC.

The Secretariat will review the entire situation and a NEC meeting will be held in September, 2012 to assess the same and decide future course of action.

States might have state related issues and so may decide about holding the state program on 25th August, 2012.
Asok Barman
General Secretary
Urgent Communication from GS 23/06/12
To Our most respected former leaders, activists and members

Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to write to you expressing our deep sense of gratitude, respect and love on the occasion of your dear AIFUCTO completing fifty years. We know you cherish a special sentiment, pride and emotion when you think of AIFUCTO. We know you remember the glorious legacy of AIFUCTO.

The present generation of members, activists and leadership acknowledge your contribution, dedication and sacrifice in building up the movement. We have seen as junior members how you negotiated many crises, gallantly fought for the causes of teachers. Many of you worked for a pittance ,but that never deterred you to wage many a battle and today we enjoy decent scales of pay.

Friends, we draw great confidence and follow in your footsteps. We seek your wise counsel whenever we face a dilemma or face a problem. That is the true spirit of the AIFUCTO movement.

We have started the GOLDEN JUBILEE celebration and cordially invite you to participate in the programs being held at unit, state, regional and national levels.

I request you to write your memoirs, experiences and suggestions to me so that we can discuss them and get directions for future course of movement. We shall publish them in our journal, website and other platforms.

I understand in no other Organisations so many retired teachers take active interest and participate in conferences and meetings.

We know your love, affection and guidance will strengthen our movement. I invite all of you to the central GOLDEN JUBILEE program which will be notified in Teachers’ Movement and our website-

www.aifucto .org

Kindly keep in touch with your local leadership. We have instructed all affiliates to contact you so that any program they hold be blessed with your glorious presence. LONG LIVE AIFUCTO

Asok Barman

General Secretary
Important News & Meetings
The Gazette Of India, vo-38 dated September18,2010,part 11, section4.
Decisions of NEC Meeting held in Kolkota on 27th March2011
Communication from General Secretary
Submission made by the AIFUCTO and Colparliamentary Standing Committe
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